Fourth of July Recap

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I still need to post our Part 2 in Paris, but I couldn't skip writing about our fun fourth of July weekend!
I love fourth of July WEEK actually, because my birthday is on the second :) 
Then my nieces birthday is on the fifth. 
So it's basically a whole week of celebrations!

This fourth of July felt extra special to me.
There is nothing like traveling around the world (literally) to make you appreciate your country.
We saw so many amazing places and had the best time, but nothing compares to home.
It made me so incredibly grateful to live in a place where we have so much freedom and are encouraged to go after what we want in life.
America is far from perfect, but we try our best!

Other perks?
* You don't have to pay to use public bathrooms (ahem, Europe)
* There is toilet paper in public bathroom stalls (not so much in Asia)
* You don't have to pay for water at restaurants
* For the most part, you don't have to be afraid of drinking water straight from the tap
The list goes on and on!

Plus, this sweet little girl is in America!

We headed to Bakersfield to spend the weekend at my brother and sister-in-law's house with my whole family. 
They have a beautiful house, and best of all, a pool!
It is so hot in Bakersfield, so we got a lot of pool time.

I love how my sister-in-law made their home look so festive!

 I have the absolute cutest niece and nephew!

My niece helped me make festive little fruit and angel food cake skewers that turned out so cute and yummy.
They were so simple to make, perfect for making with a little one.

Later that evening we were able to see fireworks from their backyard.
It was so nice not having to go somewhere crowded, but to just enjoy them at home.
We also played with sparklers and tried our hand at making sparkler letters! 

All in all, we had a fabulous Independence day.
I love celebrating this special holiday with all the things that remind me of why I love this country so much.
Family, Food, and Freedom.


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    1. Thanks Margo! Hope you had a great 4th and spread tons of American pride in Austria!