Sunday, March 17, 2013

February was a busy busy month for Derek and I--well mostly for Derek. He went to California 3 separate times to interview for summer internships and he went to Philadelphia another weekend for a business competition. We were at the Salt Lake airport at least once a week. We are both so happy to have all of that over with and that Derek has accepted an internship at...


LinkedIn was Derek's #1 choice for his internship this summer so we were so excited when he got the offer! He will be doing product marketing for one of LinkedIn's products and it seems to be a great fit for him. We are so excited to be going back to Mountain View for the summer! Unfortunately, I will only be able to spend half of the time in California and half of the time  in Utah as I still have to work. But I am so grateful that my company is trying to be flexible with me so that I can spend as much time in CA as possible. The good news is that I will get to hang out with Sally when I am in Utah which I am really looking forward to! I imagine our time will be spent cooking and sewing all day long... :)

We contacted our old ward in CA and were able to find an apartment to rent while the family is away for the summer. We will be back in our old ward and living only a mile a way from LinkedIn which is awesome! I am so proud of Derek for all of his hard work and diligence when it came to finding an internship. It was extremely time consuming and he also had to juggle his school work on top of that. Here is my cute husband after his interview and after he got the offer:

Congrats Derek!!